Fri. May 17th, 2024

    After Overwatch 2 was announced a long ago, we barely have heard from it again. Blizzard, however, have told us that the Overwatch 2 game isn’t canceled and it is still on development, that’s good! They also gave us more details about how will it work.

    Players from Overwatch 1 will have access to Overwatch 2 content

    The first thing that comes to our mind is that makes no sense doing another game and let the other one day, Blizzard thought about it and every content from Overwatch 2, for multiplayer, such as maps and heroes will be available on Overwatch 1 also. At the moment the most recent hero in Overwatch is Echo, and it will be the last hero until Overwatch 2 arrives, since they are trying to focus on doing heroes after Overwatch 2 is available to play. They probably have more heroes on mind at the moment, since they are taking their time to do a great game with great balance that will catch the audience again.

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    Every character will be on both games

    Overwatch is not dead

    This is a common mistake, people believe Overwatch is dead, however, that’s not true, they have a very good audience of players that follows the competitive game and also play the game almost daily, the competitive scene, the heroes and everything that is on going makes this game being alive, of course, not as when it started, however, alive enough to play it. Blizzard have also done some changes to make the game even better. Always thinking on balance, now with more kind of queues and bans, to make the game even more playable.

    Improving in Overwatch it’s awesome

    Overwatch has a very good practice tool for aiming, there’s also ways to climb just by making calls, however, the fastest way would always be buying boost from professionals, since most boosters are pro players or have played with pro players.

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