Sat. May 18th, 2024

    This question can feel a bit tricky, however we it is an interesting one, who is the best Solo queue players? We all know Faker is one of the best, or the best, League of Legends competitive players of all times; coming from that, the question is there, who is the best Solo Queue player?

    Many people agree that Dopa (Apdo) is, by far, the best player on Solo Q, which one achieved Challenger top 1 on Korea in different accounts in multiple times, but, how does he achieve that? It is actually pretty simple: He is good. Yes, it is that simple, but “being good” means a lot of things, for example, he knows how to push, how to back, how to trade, how to rotate, how to scale, how to outplay, how to use Herald, when and where to fight, those are concepts he has been using for years with huge results on his performance. If he’s playing for macro, he wins, if he’s playing for micro, he wins, he knows how to use everything on his benefit.

    Dopa, also known as Dopa. The best Solo Queue player.

    If someone is wondering, yes, he plays hard carry champions, champions that can 1 v 5 if they reach their spike. His favorite one is Kassadin, which, if hits level 16, can literally flash every 2 seconds. If he can’t win lane, he will just farm until he gets an item or whatever amount of items he needs to start being useful. He also watches the map every 5 seconds (not literally) so he can avoid enemy jungler ganks, or can also teleport if he has to, or can just push the lane. There are too much information in League of Legends that players need to know how to translate on decisions.

    One of the best 1 v 5 champions, Kassadin

    The question remains: What differences Faker from Dopa? Dopa is most likely to carry Solo Queue games because, even if he plays around his team, he plays by his own and has the mechanics to crush the enemies, he’s just better on matter of skill and that’s why he’s considered the best Solo Queue player.

    Dopa also used this skill to start doing Elo Boost and hire good enough to carry games by their own, of course, not as good as he does, but good enough to hard carry on every elo. From this elo boosting started being a thing.

    There are boosting companies over the world and on every server, some of them are excellent, some of them are good, some of them are not good, websites with their own system, boosters with VPN, offline mode, refund insurance are usually the best places where you can get a service like this.

    There are 2 main options for boosting, Solo Division and Duo Division, Solo Division means a player, a high elo player, will play in your account, and Duo Division means you will play with a high elo player, of course, a booster, who will help you on your way to achieve the rank you desire, helping you, of course, to improve too. Those options usually have special features, like specific champions or streaming, not all websites offers all those features, but if you wish many features, you can take a look into this website, just remember, if you wish to play with a player like Dopa, you can always hire a booster, they are professionals who knows how to carry almost every game.

    Achieve the desired rank with a high elo partner!

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