Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

    A few years ago League of Legends have had an option where you could honor your opponents and let them know that it was a pleasure to play against them, Riot has removed that option, and basically what people say now is ” GGWP” without even meaning it, even if you lose and are tilted you spam ggwp just because it’s common and everyone does it.

    League of Legend Honor Rewards | LoL Season 10 Honor Update

    Riot could introduce a new honor system where you can honor your opponents and depending on your honors from opponents you can get rewards depending on your honor level too, sometimes you know that the player you played against was just better than you or you have had a good time playing against him in the lane and want to honor him for that, having the honor system up again would be a great idea.

    League of Legends Honor System: Does it Work? | Esports Edition

    You can already honor your teammates for doing a good job as you can also report them if they did something bad or you can also report opponents if they are flaming or disconnected the game, if you can report opponents why not give players the option to honor opponents too, this will be a good way of keeping the game with a good community and players will feel better being honored by opponents.

    Honor Explained - League of Legends - YouTube

    I’m sure players would love sometimes to honor players that they are playing against and maybe in the future they will have them in their own team.

    Who thinks this system should be introduced again on League of Legends? Leave in comments what you think (:

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