Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

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    After a recent patch in Overwatch 2, Symmetra’s Ultimate has caused a stir among players due to unexpected changes. Although the update was meant to be minor, the nerf to Symmetra’s Ultimate has resulted in a number of issues.

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    Doors, payloads, and other objects in the environment have proven to be a weakness for Symmetra’s turrets, as the Feb 7 nerfs have caused them to disappear upon contact.

    This issue was brought to attention by a Reddit user on Feb 9, who reported that the ability was taking longer to appear, leaving Symmetra vulnerable to other Ultimates such as Reinhardt’s smash and Sombra’s hacks. Furthermore, bugs have caused the Ult to activate even after death, wasting its use and resetting the cooldown.

    Symmetra's Ultimate is creating chaos in Overwatch 2 after February nerfs  change more than intended - Dot Esports

    The recent patch in Overwatch 2 has resulted in a series of issues with Symmetra’s abilities, making her largely ineffective in the game. Players have expressed their concern over the bugs affecting her Ultimate, causing it to disappear when it comes in contact with environmental objects like doors and payloads.

    Overwatch 2 - Heróis - Symmetra

    The ability is also taking longer to activate, leaving Symmetra vulnerable to other ultimates and activating after death, wasting its use. These issues have left Symmetra largely defenseless, leading players to call her “unusable.” Although her win rate has not taken a significant hit, it’s only a matter of time before it does. Fans of Symmetra are hoping that Blizzard will address these unintended nerfs soon.

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