Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

    As a support main who recently climbed from Bronze 2 to Emerald 3, I’ve learned the importance of effective roaming and vision control. However, once I reached Emerald, I encountered a new challenge: enemy supports who could outroam me, especially as an OTP Milio player. In this blog post, I’ll share some insights on how to adapt your strategy and play-style when faced with this situation.

    Understanding the Problem

    In Emerald, enemy supports are more skilled at roaming, and some champions, such as Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Maokai, Janna, Bard, and Pyke, excel at ganking, denying vision, and contesting objectives. As a Milio player, it can be challenging to match their roaming potential, given the limitations of his kit.

    Solution 1: Counter-Roaming

    One way to deal with an enemy support who outroams you is to counter-roam. This means following their roam and providing support to your teammates in the same lane. However, it’s crucial to have perfect timing and avoid being caught out by the enemy support or jungler. To successfully counter-roam, you need to:

    Track the enemy support, jungler, and wards
    Arrive at the same time or shortly after the enemy support’s gank
    Join fights where both parties are still committed to the skirmish
    Improving your tracking skills is essential for effective counter-roaming.

    Solution 2: Punishing the Enemy ADC

    When the enemy support roams, and you’re still in the lane, focus on making the enemy ADC’s life miserable. Depending on the wave state, you can:

    Zone them away from CS and EXP if the wave is pushing towards you
    Poke and auto-attack them if the wave is slow-pushing towards the enemy
    Get deep wards if the wave is fast-pushing towards the enemy
    By applying pressure and forcing the enemy ADC to play cautiously, you can minimize the impact of the enemy support’s roams.

    Solution 3: Being Effective in Your Lane

    If you choose not to match the enemy support’s roams, ensure that you’re making the most of your time in your lane. This can involve:

    Zoning or diving the solo enemy ADC under their tower
    Securing objectives with your jungler
    Communicating the enemy support’s roams to your team
    By taking advantage of the numbers advantage in your lane, you can create pressure and force the enemy support to return.

    To sum it up!

    Playing against an enemy support who outroams you can be challenging, especially as a Milio main. However, by adapting your strategy and focusing on counter-roaming, punishing the enemy ADC, and being effective in your lane, you can minimize the impact of their roams and continue to climb the ranks. Also, I can recommend getting cheap elo boosting if you seem to just be stuck in place. Done it myself! Remember to track the enemy support and jungler, communicate with your team, and make the most of your champion’s strengths. With practice and perseverance, you’ll overcome this hurdle and become an even better support player.