Thu. May 16th, 2024

    At the moment the most influential role in League of Legends is Jungle, Jungler can carry their team to a win anytime in the game, the main objective of the Jungle is to help all the lanes to get kills so they they can take advantage of it, also having your Jungle completely dominated will help a lot laners to avoid being ganked by the Jungle opponent while you take control of objectives such as Drakes and Heralds.

    Without a good Jungler in your team you can’t expect help during your laning phase and you will lose objectives in the Jungle when they are super important to win games. We can see that even elo boosters usually play Jungle when they are elo boosting and they can change the game in a second if they do things correctly, which they do of course since they know how to take advantage of any mistake that you do and minor mistakes can make you lose the game.

    To be a good jungler there are some important points that you should take in consideration in order to win the game and keep the objectives for your team. Picking the correct Jungler champion is one of them, make sure you pick a champion in Jungle that has a lot of mobility that way you will be able to help all the lanes super fast and at the same time be always ready to take objectives, if you can be faster than the opponent Jungle you will be one step ahead of him when you gank and if the gank works you and your laner will get Gold and more items.

    As a Jungler player you always need to farm, that’s important, but in order to win games and carry your team you need sometimes to put aside your farm to help your teammates, if your top laner is having a rough time and he’s playing with a late game champion you should always help him with an early gank so he can take advantage of it and don’t lose his lane, basically playing as a Jungler you need to prioritize helping your teammates instead of farming and getting solo kills, take participation in kills that will also give you Gold and make your teammates stronger so you don’t need to take all the kills or you won’t be able to carry the game alone, keep in mind that League of Legends is a team game and without your team you won’t win alone.

    Sometimes you will see Jungler players taking solo kills and getting farm and everything and carrying the game alone, but be sure that a player doing that is not from that elo and he knows what is doing, usually boosters on League of legends play duo boosting to get better results and one of them always play Jungle while the other goes to a lane that way they can completely dominate the game.

    Another important point while you play Jungle is drakes, Herald and Baron.

    Taking drakes will give buffs to you and to your teammates which will make your team stronger during the game, Heralds can help you pushing a lane that is completely lost and that you need an extra help taking the turret and the Baron, Baron should always be your main priority when we get to late game, Baron will give you a lot of good stats to you, your teammates and to your minions and it’s a plus to get that juicy win in the end.

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